Niall in One Direction: The Official Annual 2015


i can’t believe harry and louis are in love in every universe



the way to my heart is through well-written fanfiction

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Each person is as lost as the next person. But if we’re lost, at least it’s together. This band has created a family that continues to grow and thrive. I’m so thankful to be a part of it.” - Kennedy Brock

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o is for only niall

n is for niall

e is for especially niall

d is for derby niall

i is for i wish i were niall

r is for really niall

e is for electric guitar niall

c is for cute niall

t is for tell em niall

i is for niall

o is for the circle that niall is the center of

n is for niall 

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"Please stop laughing at me, it’s very rude!" (insp.)

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who directed the video for one thing because that was IT that’s as good as it gets

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